If Nigeria makes money from exporting crude oil

Why not join her and start making money exporting goods abroad?

When we export we earn foreiign currency and improve our personal economy

This is the time to be part of this international business that has made China a world economy inspite of its heavy population, the chinese economy is made strong by the strength of its diollars earnings from export and not the power its currency.

The rebasing of the Nigerian economy has given Nigeria commodities a greater advantage in the international market and opportunity to export more of them as well.
When we export processed goods, we add value and create jobs. The Nigeria exports was well over $4 billion (N620 billion) in year 2014. This figure went up the more as oil price crashed below $50 at the beginning of 2015 and 2016 when the naira crashed against the dollar raw commodity export went up exponentially even into 2017. But the funny thing about it all is that Nigerians have long left this aspect of the economy open and the indians are having a field day! no hard feelings though, because the opportunity is still open.

this is the SECRET....

More on the heat is the fact that the naira has not only deepened against the dollar, during this same period there is also a greater need to grow the Nigeria economy with other alternatives apart from oil export. All these added to together has made the export market more advised as the best source for making Nigerians rich since government policies are looking on this side of the pendulum.

Yes, the rise in the non-oil product export sector is rapidly growing on the hills of crude oil price crash and the current Federal Government’s policy and support for the non-oil industry, especially agriculture which is giving the export market an opportunity of diversifying into different products.

See, as at the last noticeable count Nigeria exports over 150 products to different countries. While raw unprocessed commodities still dominate the market in terms of volume of export, small scale export is gradually improving it stalk in value added products as a result of new rules from foreign countries concerning import of food items from Nigeria.
With this, you can specialize in raw commodity or you can export value added product or you can do both. The coast is now clear and it is time to make money, because the falling dollars is to your advantage. The more dollars goes up against the naira the more exporters smile to the bank with more cash. There is never a time when there is enough the dollar in the system and the more the shortage the more money you can make from export business.

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  • You may find this difficult to believe, but it is now true that the chinese have started entering our bushes and villages in the middle belt and north, gathering small locally extracted solid minerals, special stones, ornaments, etc that we never knew was important or of any use. They take these special stones in minute quantity abroad to sell and make heavy dollars while we are ignorantly siting and looking... No you can join them now and catch the dollars too if you can get a hold of these secrets I am about to reveal...

  • Any potential exporter desirous of venturing into export business should seek the following:

  • How to get the product that you intend to export, because product sourcing is one of the critical elements and decision a potential exporter must take in other to start the export business.
    mHow to package your products and goods for export. you must know the right quantity and quality acceptable.
    mHow to know the product that are exportable and products that accepted in each country.
    mHow organize logistics for your products and move them from Nigeria to its destination of sales.
    mHow organize your commodities for the export market
    mHow to start and complete registration process for export
    mHow to finance your export business and start even without your own cash.
    mHow to get your export proceeds or money made from export or better put how to get paid by your buyer from abroad
    mHow to discover the different export destinations all over the world and the different products they need

    This is a business you can do -- without leaving your job or main business.

You want to put in little effort and earn more money as a guy, lady, house wife, worker, business man, etc
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Export business is very lucrative business and is for everyone. You can choose to become an agent connecting commodity owners and buyers abroad, small scale exporter sending goods in small packs abroad, an export merchant moving good from our shores to other world destination in large volume or an export manufacturer, producing goods and sending them to foreign countries for dollar cash. The ball is now in your court…. Start rolling now

Here is how to start immediately

Make up your mind to follow all the steps in the resource material

Prepare your account to receive dollar earning

plan how to re-invest your proceeds by expanding your export reach

Begin to look around for things you can export, because we have a lot of them loaded up in this resource material. things you can't imagine

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Other things you will find in this hand-on indebt e-book includes:

Identify exportable foodstuff in Nigeria.
mLearn Foodstuff export international standards.
mFoodstuff export procedures.
mExport documentation for foodstuff.
mHow to start foodstuff export with little capital.
mFoodstuff export strategies for starters
mHow to identify genuine serious buyers.
mFoodstuff export product quotation and price determination
mThe quality packaging types for foodstuff products.
mOther methods exporting foodstuff through courier and sea.
mHow to detect and avoid international trade scams and fraudulent buyers.
mHow to source products locally with ease
mHow to get paid by overseas buyers.
mHow to secure foodstuff contracts.
mRisk management in the foodstuff export business.
mHow to do freight forwarding of your export
mExport consultations until you succeed, updated resources and feedback opportunities

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