How to Set-up a Production Business

Making Fast-Selling Household Cleaning Products and Consumables


Consumables are always a hot sell anyday anytime. And this is that opportunity you have been waiting for to put your own product label on the shelf for others to buy and give you cash!

You can Starts this Business Now!

But first what are consumables?

Okay, if I know what it is, How do I still start?

That should not be a problem, just simply make up your mind to do it and leave the rest to us....

Consumables are non-replenish-able and non-re-usable products. They give room for repeated buys, hence brings consistent income for producers and sellers of such items

Consumable products include toiletries, home use accessories etc. Some of these items are easy to produce and commercialized from home. The Liquid Soap, car wash, Laundry gel and hand wash products are the most used because of the fast rate at which clothes get dirty and you know people must stay clean and then people must eat three times a day, they must wash the plates or dishes and also they must wash their hands as well.

"What an opportunity for daily cash making", if I may use that statement.

The other products are special skincare products like Toilet soap or body gel that contains Vitamin E, coconut oil, glycerin, moisturizer, anti-aging and anti-dryness soap, etc. The Tablet soap both for bathing and washing is easy to produce. Off course this is when you have the right ingredient for commercial sales..

You want to generate income on a daily basis?

These are the products you must look out for....

Laundry and Spray starch is now a big cash earner, especially the special type we produce that prevent bad odour and mucour from staying on clothes no matter how long you keep them in damp conditions.
You also have the bleach or JIK which has found multiple uses in recent times.
And others are Air Freshener, antiseptic, designer perfumes, etc.
Shampoo has become a scarce commodity. All these are things you should consider putting on the shelf to generate plenty of cash.

Can you imagine this

The market is so big, but most Nigerians are blind to this fact. That is why the indians are taking advantage of the huge opportunity. Most of the newest detergent powder you find on the streets are produced by Indian companies right here in Nigeria while we sit and watch. it is not a bad idea though because they are creating the jobs. But I will prefer joining them to also create the jobs and in so doing make the money as well.

I want to produce Liquid soap, laundry or spray starch, tablets soap, air freshner, hair and body shampoo, antiseptic and many other household items for variuos uses right now. Care to join me? Then let us read on...

I like fast moving non-replenish-able product!
Yes, because they can easily bring consistent income as result of repeated buys.
You can actually get started producing these products and selling to the open market and mini stores, Get registration for them including bar code in case you want your product to go as far Shoprite, etc and sell like other product in the corporate world.
Imagine making money from what people are using or spending cash for.
Get started now with free product call 08037470173, 08023982600 .

Today, because of the economic downturn You need to look at resources once utilized do not get regenerated that is they are exhaustible resources. The good thing about them is that they are needed in large quantity on a daily basis giving opportunity for companies and individuals that produce or sell them to go home with large chunks of cash.

You can actually get started producing these products, Get NAFDAC registration for them including bar code that will enable your product stay on the shelf and sell like other product in the corporate world. Imagine making money from what people are using or spending cash for.

Have you ever desired to Start a Business on a part time or full time?

Yes with this business you can start. Indeed liquid soap is everywhere and exactly what I use to think about boutiques and restaurants, including pure water business until the Chinese taught me a big lesson. With all all the Chinco phones around town, Apple company still decided to close their US factory and relocated to China. Today Chinese are the highest buyers of the IPAD brand
My product is always the best even if the whole town is producing and selling it. They will always want to buy from me to resell and close their own factory, but we are yet to get there. In US that is the case with liquid soap.
Come to think of it, presently we have only two major brands in the market servicing over 80 million Nigerians, so what are you waiting for?
just imagine the amount of money the owners of Morning Fresh dish washer make on a daily basis from selling liquid soap in Nigeria, you will quietly turn your home into a factory and start producing without wasting time.

What is in this Business for YOU?

This Multipurpose production practical class is now open to everyone with an opportunity for after seminar guide and supervision until you succeed. Don't miss it.

Best opportunity to practically learn the secret of producing top brand high quality liquid detergent for variety of uses, corporate Laundry Starch, household antiseptic, bleach, cleaning and spray Air freshner, Designer perfume and many more. mYou will learn how to put these products on shelves like Shoprite, JustRite, etc
You will have access to liquid Soap to go home with and sell to recover part of your money or use to do anything

At this practical training class that will take you or anybody you sponsor by the hand and deliver all you need to gain access to alternative income or better still produce your own household product in large volume or get samples without paying for it.

To get started Please call 08037470173, 08023982600 or be at the seminar
Register and book a seat now.
Seminar Date: Monday October 1, 2018 (and time 9.00am)
Venue: No 4, Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos.



This is the best time to learn how to make your own brand of liquid detergent, Laundry and spray starch, hand wash, dish wash, car wash, tablet Soap, Air freshener, Body Wash, Jik, Vim, Shampoo etc and put your name or your company name on it. You can even produce liquid soap to do all kind of laundry, car or dish wash for little or no cost and in no time in these days of alternative income.
Who should attend?
• Entrepreneurs who want to start their production outfit, house wives, young ladies and guys, folks are looking for something to start out on part time or full time
• Laundry and cleaning company owners who want to start producing their own soap, large scale producers and suppliers, restaurant owners, Schools etc.
• Retirees who are looking for a simple business to do right now.

• Those looking for side income apart from their jobs and those who want to start or add to their already existing production chains and put their brands in Shoprite or online stores, super markets or sales to wholesalers

Marketing And Uses
Opportunity to start supplying hotels, organisations, cooperatives, a group of staff in an office or company, restaurants, eateries, hospitals, etc. Liquid detergent soap for washing clothes, kitchen utensils, toilets, mopping of the floor and most household chores.

You can also put your own customized liquid soap on display on shelves or super store in kegs, drums or sachets, etc. The money making opportunity is also found in car wash sites, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, cleaning and laundry outfits, and many others places. This is simply, because it requires less energy, makes washing enjoyable and off course has a better penetration of dirty on fabrics and other surfaces.
At the completion of this practical workshops, you will be able to make your own washing detergent soap supplying businesses, friends, family and the general public for quick cash and if you want to go large scale you will get all the secrets right at the the practical hand-on seminar.

We are not just talking about producing a perfect product, which is what we are going to do, but we also want to make good profit which is the bottom line for every business. So will have a recipe galore session and comparitive analysis including the NAFDAC recipe... You must not miss this chance!


The idea is to make sure you get something to kick start this business and enjoy what all the big conglomerates are enjoying in terms of daily sales and profit. There is nothing as good as having your product along side the like of Unilever, PZ, Dangote, Morning Fresh, Mama Lemon, etc.
It is always better to try your hands on something while you are still young, working or even before you are retired. You can even become your own boss, even when you don't have a job or your husband is working and you need a simple home business that will give opportunity to still take care of the home, generate extra income and keep yourself business. You may want to go big time and start a small production business and become CEO. This is your chance to start a production business with several product to sell and distribute with the lowest cost, don't miss it.
Outline for Participants
• Access to the production Practical Session
m• Access to formulation of many other products as bonus
m• Cruise to where to purchase raw materials and items for use when you are ready
m• Opportunity for instant start-up right at or after the seminar
m• Hands-on live participation in the production process
m• Practical production of laundry products presently having a high demand in the market place
m• All Participants go home with Produced sample of liquid soap for use or resell and make profit
m• Complete step-by-step guide manual to produce all kind of products that will be taught on that day as back-up
m• Over 100% profit returns during or after this seminar
m• How to manipulate ingredients to get different type of soap for different purposes like the Laundry, car wash, hand wash, dish wash, industrial wash and many more liquid detergent soap including special soap.
m• Liquid detergent production without house rent, no power, no machine and probably no staff
m• Opportunity to produce your own home use liquid detergent or branded product for mass sales with all type of production methods even at the seminar venue
m• Business you can do without Stress and at your Leisure and in case you want to go industrial, we are going tell you all it takes and where and how to get the different machines and tool
m• Complete profitability analysis of the various production on that day

Production can be done from anywhere or space

Register now to indicate interest to participate in this practical class on production of household items taking place on Monday October 1, 2018, at No 4, Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Oke-Afa, Ejigbo, Lagos. Time: 9.00am prompt.

Looking for how to increase your income this month? Register Now for this all in one practical training class

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Seminar fee at the veneue N10,000

And N9,000 only for advance Payment or transfers into the above account

Venue: Product Office, First Floor, No 4, Egbe-Isolo Road, Opposite MRS Filling Station, Jakande Estate Gate, Ejigbo, Lagos

This is the best time to plan an alternative income for your future. Salaries are not always enough. See more below...

To be part of this practical session, simply be available at the venue promptly. Cheap Hotel accomodation available for those outside Lagos.

You can Start your Production right at the venue of the seminar get your product packgaed and ready for the market. Simply let us know in advance.

This is your opportunity to join the big names and make your product available to a mass market like Nigeria and it neightbouring country!

You can also contact us for a One-on-one class at our office or your location, home or factory, but for a special fee call our lines 08023982600 or 08037470173 for this opportunity now!

The Practical E-book manual is available for those who are unable to make it to the seminar, simple order for it by paying N6,000 only to the above account and sending us your details including your email for on-ward delivery into your inbox.

Remember we are done with you until you succeed!