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Discover How The Fuel, Diesel and Gas You Use on a Daily Basis is Making Some Other Guys Millions ...
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A lot of people think THE MAJOR CHALLENGE IN Oil and Gas BUSINESS IS THAT You must have millions in your previous business before venturing small in oil and gas. I use to think that way far back in my university days. until I hit the street and found out otherwise. ...

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The oil and gas industry is a much diversified industry in that there are several areas to participate in. In fact, it is probably one of the most vital sectors of the economy because every other industry is dependent on its end products to be able to meet its energy needs. Rolling the industry from the upstream sector where crude oil is obtained from mother earth to the midstream sector where it is transported to the refining point and then sent to depot through pipelines or vessels for onward delivery to the retail market through trucking, the most important outlets for dispensing already refined petroleum product is the filling station because of its easy accessed to the public.
A filling station or fuel station is where petroleum products are sold in retails quantity to end users who come with their vehicles, bikes, trucks and in containers to buy products such as fuel, Kerosene, diesel and various kinds of oil and lubricants.


Petroleum products are a daily need products and volume driver. And since oil products are not renewable energy source, hence users must consistently buy and use and use again and again making it possible for entrepreneurs in this downstream sector to consistent expect revenue day in day out without seizing.

Filling station business is a regulated business and deploys a lot of capital to establish the structures even though there are mini stations that may cost so much to put in place. In order to really profit from this business you need to research the suitability of the business in some certain area by ascertaining the kind of traffic needed for the kind of profit that will sustain the business on the long haul.

There is no point building a filling station in an area where you can barely exhaust a tanker load of product in two months. Commercial and residential areas or route to such places have shown over time to be more lucrative for petroleum product dispensing through filling station. You can situate this business in major road junctions with high vehicular traffic or along major highways, industrial areas and residential areas. You can check a developing area and in advance position yourself for such business in advance.

This may just be the best time to start this business on a kitchen budget or what do you think?

To start you must first incorporation a company that is register your company with CAC; obtain a tax clearance and TIN Number before approaching Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) for a license and permit for operation. Now that the NNPC has been streamlined, you no longer need agencies like PPPRA and PPMC.
If you are operating an independent marketer you may need to join forces with Independent Petroleum Products Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPPMA) and NUPENG. Accessing truck owners, fuel distributors and suppliers for lifting of products from the depots is very important.
In constructing a filling station, the following is considered land acquisition, actual construction of surface assets, installing underground tanks, equipment and facilities, tankers, Fuel pump and dispenser, business permits and licenses, Insurance rate, product suppliers, staff, computation and recording assets like computer, etc
When building your station you must from the onset consider what other businesses can strive in the environment where the station is to be located like a shopping mall, a restaurant, a super market, a show room, a banking hall, a business centre, car wash service, car maintenance and services centre, etc
Even though retail prices of petroleum product, especially fuel is regulated by the government. But most operators may not realize this that buyers always know station that have accurate meters and not cheating on them, such station drive more traffic even when the station is looking unattractive. Customer service and staff not pilfering or cheating on customers is important for maintaining a good traffic to your station. You can get the complete business plan for this business.

Things you must know to benefit from the petroleum industry money

  • How To Be Part Of The Millions, Billions And Trillions Rolling Out From The Oil And Gas Industry
  • How to Start and Run your own Business in the Oil and Gas Industry with or without your own Cash

In Oil and Gas Business You Don't Need Cash to Start...
Oil Business connectors, if I may use that word are go home with so much cash starched in their bank account doing simple delivery deals. They don't have money neither do they have any filling station. All they do is to bring three heads together, those that have allocation to lift PMS that is fuel or petrol from NNPC, but no money, people that have filling station and people that have the cash to do sharp business.
They simply get the product to filling stations whose owners have not been selling due to cash trap or scarcity of the product, They use the filling station facilities (they don't need staff as they sell the products themselves) add between N10 and N20 to the normal price that is sell at about a N100 make a profit of 33,000 liters multiplied by N10 or N20 within hours of sales and home they go with lots of money in their pocket.
Yes there is Fuel scarcity on the street sometimes and while others are spending their energy crying and complaining about it, some folks out there are making quick cash without owning a filling station
In oil and gas business you don't need cash to start. Even where are no scarcity this business still goes on. All these opportunities are always there as you get connected to the experts, you get the deals as they unfold and where they unfold enjoy more go to

You Don't Need to be a Petroleum Engineer to Get Into this Business?

The new Shell MD is not an engineer, why?
I can't even believe this that the current Managing Director for Shell Petroleum Development Company (SPDC), Mr. Osagie Okunbor is a graduate of Business Administration from a Nigerian University. I thought he should have read engineering. You see, What a lot of folks are struggling to get in order to achieve their life ambition, Okunbor got it by reading a simple course as first degree. I laugh when I see a lot of young folks struggling to write JAMB many times just to study medicine and only to end up parading with white over-all carrying placard and protesting for salary increase. What a world where you can achieve anything even without a certificates. Fashola became a governor not by reading political science. Richest Nigerian women Folarunsho Alakija, started out as a banker and then a fashion designer, but now world richest woman in oil and gas business
Guys you don't need any qualification to enjoy the oil wealth or do oil and gas business you can achieve anything in life with the right knowledge
Most people DON'T understand this delima...

You need to understand that the three world's largest oil producers, Saudi Arabia, Russia and US are taking the battle to the high sea with US having the upper hand thanks to it shale oil discovery in the state of Dakota some few years back.
For Nigeria, we are supposed to be the largest oil producer in Africa and probably seventh in tthe world, but you and I know that this is not refleting on the pocket of the man on the street and indeed it will not until you do something about it.

So let's get right to it…

Create More Streams of Income for yourself by connecting people

At least people can easily spend more on petroleum product, especially diesel which coming down drastically without having to have a tight budget, hence creating more opportunity for small entrepreneurs and suppliers in that sector to begin to generate profit from turnover as users and industrialist can afford to spend more.
This is the time to stop being a ball boy in the Oil and Gas industry and become a player. Get more on the opportunities abounding in the oil and gas industry


A lot of people think THE MAJOR CHALLENGE IN Oil and Gas BUSINESS IS THAT You must have millions in your previous business before venturing small in oil and gas. I use to think that way far back in my university days. until I hit the street and found out otherwise.
As a petroleum engineer by training, yes indeed Oil and Gas business requires big capital, but suffice me to say that those in the business do not use their own money it is very risky to do that. In fact, because of the amount of capital involved most oil deals do not require collateral to close. Okay how about starting small, the girls selling on the street will tell you it is easy or the man supplying product with kegs or drum sometimes using pick up vans or the guy that does not even spend a dime only connecting buyers and sellers and making commission. some even set up oil company collect deals and get others to finance it, The idea is just to step out and try. never be afraid to fail, because that could be your turning point...


You can start from anywhere, simply acquire the knowledge and find out the area you can easily fit in as your preparation, because you never can tell when the opportunity will knock at your door. When preparation meets with opportunity access to success is inevitable.


Reasons you should get into Oil and Gas Business...

The millions in fuel business is made from turn over and not from profit per unit sold; as you well know Nigeria is a largely populated nation and consuming several litres of PMS on a daily basis nationwide and that's an advantage to every importer/ marketer and they know this; that's why allocation for import is highly sorted for by many.

The quantity of product imported is enormously large and based on allocation.

There is also the downstream of these deals like distributions and associated deals like, storage, agents business that those who make money without even spending a kobo just facilitating these deals, discharge trucking, contacts, etc. The profits are always in the millions, The part that excite me most is the diesel part, because it is libralised anybody can do it if you know the how. This part drives a lot of activities from the high end to the low end; anyone can play the game and make some level of profit cash or no cash. After all the oil industry most of the rich folk there don't get there with their own money, but need knowledge to stay there.

There are so many practicable opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry that you can do with or without your cash visit www.investmentlight,com/oilandgas to download detailed report on all the various opportunities in the oil and gas industry that you can get into right now or click on to get the guide into the oil industry.

The TRUTH! Don't be afraid to Join the Big guys...

Dear friend,

you will never be afraid of joining the big guys in the business world when you discover how they started, even the one of the world's richest woman started as a fashion designer. Even though oil and gas business houses the most wealthiest billionaires in Nigeria, but 80% of them started with virtually nothing and not even as engineer or had anything to do with the profession.

How did they then quietly become rich entrepreneurs in the petroleum industry? Good question.
The likes of Femi Otedola of Forte Oil, Wale Tinumbu of Oando, Mike Adenuga of ConOil, Folorunsho Alakija of Famfa Oil, Frederick Akinruntan of Obat Oil, Jimoh Ibrahim of Global Fleet Oil and Gas, Sayyu Dantata of MRS Group, Oba Otudeko of Honeywell Oil & Gas, Ifeanyi Ubah of Capital Oil and Gas just to mention a few.
Like I said before, most of them started small and not even with a career in the oil industry. For example Wale Tinunbu of Oando is a lawyer doing oil and gas mid stream far from what he read in the university. there some who never saw the four walls of the university, yet millionaires trading on petroleum products.

Okay, let's look at the start-up profile of Africa's richest woman, Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, she started with a career in banking as a secretary and went on to study fashion designing which she used to incorporate her fashion company and launch herself as a business woman. She later decided to float an oil company, called Famfa Oil. This preparation gave her the opportunity to win an oil prospecting license, to explore and exploit Nigeria oil; today she sells crude oil for cash with less effort.
You can start from anywhere, simply acquire the knowledge and find out the area you can easily fit in as your preparation, because you never can tell when the opportunity will knock at your door. When preparation meets with opportunity access to success is inevitable. For more visit

Here are just a few of the reasons to do this business...

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    I am sure this will shock you, but it is true....

Nobody uses his or her own money in Oil and Gas Deals

I use to think the guys earning money in billions of Naira in the oil industry were using their own money to do the deals. I was fooled by that assumption and I mean really deceived. The events of the past few years have exposed all the hidden secrets I never knew existed.
It is always glaring for the common man on the secret to see through the long queues at our filling stations in major cities and non availability of diesel at the depots. You also know that the CBN decision to stops banks from borrowing money to billionaire debtors who are also oil merchants and product importers had a punch on the facts on the table and finally the consistent out outcry of oil marketers, both major and minor players for the release of their subsidy payment in time or when it overdue.
Boys, these guys don't use their own money to oil and gas runs and they don't actually have that kind money. Not even collateral can sustain such deals in terms of loans. Without using other people's money, the petroleum industry can very unproductive for those involved. Where do they get money from, to do oil and gas business? Some say it is from the poor, but how? Okay that is a good question.
Do you want to tap into the wealth of the masses share in the daily income that streams from Kerosene business

  • The Biggest Money Earner in the World is the Oil & Gas Industry
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The Beauty of this Business is in its...You Can Learn How To Make Money In The Oil & Gas Downstream Sector in Nigeria– And Become Financially Free For Live!


Government does not have business doing business
Competition is truly the only way the Nigerian economy can begin to grow. Government does not have business doing business and they do not have the right to peg the price of commodities, products and services in a nation with a consuming population.
Since the announcement of the partial deregulation of the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry the long queues disappeared and petroleum products have flooded our filling stations without anybody complaining about the high price at the pump. The issue was always availability and not price at least for a start.
Meanwhile for many years we struggled with subsidy as if it was our birthright. We remained beggars in our own nation suffering in lack of product we have in abundance. Simply because government was holding the edge and killing an industry that was supposed to blossom and create business opportunities for the common man on the street.
Now fuel price that was peg at N145 after the removal of subsidy is now crashing as result of competition and availability of products due to private sector driven market.
Some marketers are now selling fuel at the filling station for between N143 and N135 per litres and this downward trend is bound to continue reflecting the ongoing slice in the price of crude oil in the international waters.
Indeed, this is the best time to join this industry and start playing the game as liberalization and deregulation provides a level playing field for all players, both for those who have the capital, those who have the facilities and those who just have the knowledge of the industry operations.

Time to get in there and taste the chicken

The money is in the action Out there all you see is petroleum product moving from one point to the other while players in the industry see the CASH!

Business opportuinity in Kerosene and Gas
As a developing country, kerosene seems to be amongst the fastest selling petroleum products range in low income location

But gas Business is begining to generate a lot of cash in the cities.Kkerosene is used extensively in both rural areas and urban

areas for domestic purposes such as cooking, lighting and kerosene-powered lanterns, especially where you have erratic

power supply. Gas is on top of the table in developed cities. this is a business you can look into as an income source.

We have all you need to start out immediatel if you are ready

Imagine how great you will feel when you carrying deals and transactions with the big wigs in the oil industry just because you have all these information at your disposals

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